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Back To School (Time for Self-Care!)

The other night, two friends were discussing the woes of trying to secure an appointment at the nail salon. One said she had waited five hours because all of the high school girls getting their nails done before going back to school. “I’d wait until Thursday,” she told her friend. “That’s the first day of school, so it will probably be empty then.”

Moms are all thinking the same thing: when the kids have gone back to school, it’s ME-Time!

Back in the day, school didn’t begin until after Labor Day, which meant that summer was pretty much over by the time we were able to focus on ourselves. Now, we still have a full month of our hottest season for quiet time at the pool, on the tennis court, or simply driving with the convertible top down (or the sunroof open) to meet our friends for lunch on a patio somewhere.

The thing to remember is that, no matter how much (or how little) time we spend outdoors, exposure to the sun, heat, and pollution – not to mention stress and our own perspiration – takes a toll on our skin. So when you’re planning that patio gathering with your girlfriends, why not plan a poolside patio gathering at Head To Toe by Arlene?

Take turns getting pampered with Arlene’s Signature Facial, which includes Hydrafacial to cleanse and hydrate your skin; and Dermaplaning, which removes dead skin, fine hairs, environmental pollutants, and other unmentionables from the surface of your skin, and boosts the effectiveness of your moisturizer while providing a smooth palette for your tinted sunscreen or foundation.

Arlene also has Elta MD medical-grade sunscreen products, that are highly effective in blocking harmful rays, and healthy for your skin because they don’t contain toxic chemicals like so many of their over-the-counter cousins.

And Arlene is offering her Signature Facial at a special Back-To-School price of just $150! (*regularly $200).

Make your appointment today by calling Arlene at 404-218-0518, or visit headtotoebyarlene.com.

See you at the spa, Dah-ling!

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