Celebrate Summer Skincare with Friends – and Specials!

Great skin is not achieved by products and facials alone.

You heard that right. Your lifestyle is such an important part of looking and feeling your best. That’s why, at Head To Toe by Arlene, we invite you to gather some of your favorite friends and spend some time at the spa, relaxing poolside with healthy snacks and a glass of wine as each member of your party enjoys a professional facial with Arlene.

How often do you take time to yourself so you can reduce stress? And did you know that pushing yourself too hard and not taking time for yourself affects not only your physical health, but your looks, as well?

According to skincare experts, stress can:

  • cause your body to release too much cortisol, which shows up on your face as acne.
  • make you frown, which causes lines and wrinkles in the skin on your face, including your forehead, and around your mouth and eyes.
  • influence what foods or beverages you reach for. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables helps flush toxins from your body; and drinking the right amount of water for your body weight and activity level – especially in the summer – will help keep dry skin at bay.
  • affect your sleep, leaving you with dark circles or “bags” beneath your eyes.

For more than 30 years, Arlene has worked with women (and men) of all ages to help them achieve healthy, glowing skin from the inside, out. She is constantly learning about the latest findings, and shares her knowledge with each and every client so they can maintain their healthy glow in between professional treatments.

She is very particular about which products her clients use, including sunscreen, which she recommends year-round.

Call today to schedule a Women’s Night Out event at Arlene’s (pricing varies), and stock up on Arlene-approved sunscreens, including ALASTIN Skincare® or EltaMD® Sun Block: purchase two sunscreens of your choice and receive 25% off your sunscreen purchase (through July 31, 2018).

You can reach us at 404-218-0518, or visit Head2ToebyArlene.com.

See you at the spa, Dah-ling!



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