Celebrate the Holidays Beautifully with Head To Toe

Celebrate the Holidays

Each weekday in December
our calendar will change
Highlighting something for yourself
or for a gift exchange.

Our special December calendar
is designed to help you glow
Enjoy this new tradition
brought to you by Head To Toe!

In the first week of December, Arlene revealed to me
featuring the HydraFacial, amazing age-reversal,
and light treatment with LED.

Schedule dermaplaning
to remove your facial hair.
Create a smoother palette
for whatever makeup or products you wear.

Next, shape your eyebrows,
and remove hair from legs and arms
Toss out the razor
Waxing smooths your skin like a charm.

Since products are important
in maintaining youthful skin
We recommend you try Nectar
to keep you glowing from forehead to chin.

With holidays in full swing
and nights you stay out late
To ensure your skin is healthy,
eat right and remember to hydrate!





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