Signature Facial: Mom’s Back-To-School Special

Mom’s Back-To-School Special

It’s August, and the school buses are rolling again, taking our little darlings back to the classroom to read, write, and learn whatever that “new math” thing is.

School seems to start earlier each year. It’s August, and summer is already “over” for our kids. But for moms, our skin confirms what the calendar is telling us: it’s still summer. That means our skin still requires special attention to look and feel healthy.

The stress of back-to-school shopping is just one of the many things that has taken a toll on our skin so far this (calendar) summer. And you still have all of the back-to-school paperwork to fill out, PTA to sign up for, and Meet-and-Greet nights at school (just in case you thought you might have a break!)

There’s also the sun (do you wear a high-quality sunscreen every day, and reapply as needed?), the pool (chlorine does a number on your skin!), food choices (what you put into your body affects how you look, in addition to how you feel), as well as pollution and humidity (combine the two and you have clogged pores, pimples, and more).

But don’t despair. Help is right here – at Head To Toe by Arlene!

At our relaxing med-spa, you can reduce your stress, reclaim your sanity, and restore your beautiful skin, with Arlene’s relaxing Signature Facial, which combines Hydrafacial and Dermaplaning to remove dead skin, fine hairs, and more from the surface of your skin, and deep-clean and restore moisture below the surface.

And Arlene is offering her Signature Facial at a special Back-To-School price of just $150 (regularly $200. You don’t need “new math” to figure out that’s an exceptional value!)

Make your appointment today by calling Arlene at 404-218-0518, or visit

See you at the spa, Dah-ling!

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