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* Consultation
* Facial - Hydrafacial and more
* Dermaplaning - smooth as silk
* Massage - relax and unwind
* Skin Treatment - Acne & Anti-aging
* Hair Removal - Waxing and more
* Ladies' Night Spa Parties

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Arlene's Signature Facial $200

Our exclusive Signature Facial packs in the ultimate combination of essential skincare treatments including the HydraFacial*, Dermaplaning, and LED Light Treatment along with a pampering and age-reversing facial. - $200

Deep Pore Cleanse $85

To cleanse, tone and hydrate for glowing, healthy skin.

Rosacea Facial $85

Relieves inflammation and sensitivity for a calm well-being.

Acne Treatment Facial
$85 and up

To soothe blemished skin and open pores for smoother healthier skin.

Microderm Abrasion $75

gently removes the thicker, uneven outer skin layer; used to treat light scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and stretch marks; can iImprove age spots and black heads

Dermaplaning Facial
$100 per session

Removes the top layer of dead skin cells on the face, stimulates new skin cells to grow at a faster rate and produce stronger and better epidermis. Also removes facial hair, providing a smoother appearance and a better product finish. This procedure maybe combined with a full facial or a chemical peel.

HydraFacial Treatment $150

Includes extractions, wash and deep pore cleanse, moisturize and hydrates your skin while resurfacing for a radiant you! A complement to any facial, the HydraFacial* virtually vacuums away dead cells and impurities. Look younger and more refreshed today with soothing hydrating and LED treatment. *HydraFacial with Dermaplaning $200

Oxyden Facial Treatment
$50 - add to any service

Regenerates cell metabolism and stimulate new cell formation for healthier younger looking skin. The oxygen facial smooths out fine lines, balances the pH and eliminates surface bacteria for fewer breakouts, calms skin after sun exposure or resurfacing treatments, stimulates collagen and restores elastic for firmer skin and a healthy glow.

Anti-Aging Trilogy Treatment
$225 includes :

Radio Frequency - Melts fat and reduces the signs of aging reduces or eliminates wrinkles... instantly, and without pain or swelling.

BioStem - (multiple sessions recommended) Bring out the best in you and your skin. A healthy more natural alternative to surgery or lasers. This treatment works with the natural energy system of your body to stop the effects of time. Get firmer skin tone and diminish blemishes, while increasing collagen production and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin will be visibly renewed with no downtime or discomfort.

LED Light Treatment - LED light therapy restores your skins natural cellular activity- promoting collagen production. Start looking younger today.

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Hair Removal


Short of permanent hair removal, waxing is the most effective way to get the clean, smooth skin you want.
Full Face - $40
Hairline - $15
Brows - $15
Chin - $5
Dermaplaning Lip - $15

Arm (half) - $35
Arm (full) - $40
Underarm - $15
Back - $60
Bikini - $35
Bikini (brazilian) - $ 60 & up
Leg (lower) - $35
Leg (3/4) - $40
Leg (full, includes bikini) - $65
Chest - $60
Stomach - $15 and up


Lower Leg & Bikini - $55
Upper Leg & Bikini - $55


Smooth and sleek...forever (Electrolysis is the safe permanent way to remove unwanted hair. Pricing is based on the amount of time spent (15 minute minimum). $25 first 15 minutes (minimum) / $100 per hour

Men’s Services Also Available

Please call for pricing


Bliss Package

Melt away thoughts of the day and restore your well-being $75 (60 minutes)

Ecstasy Package

Take the power of touch to another level of relaxation (90 minutes)

Ladies’ Night Out
or Spa Day

Reserve a complimentary evening of pampering, food & beverages. Relax & enjoy learning about our anti-aging, pain-free procedures, and how Head To Toe can help you maintain that youthful glow and shape!

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