The Signs of Summer Are Everywhere – Including Your Skin

Let Head to Toe by Arlene Refresh you with a Mother’s Day Treat

If you have been anywhere in the Atlanta area over the past few weeks, you will likely have noticed all the signs of summer: convertible tops down, swimming pools opening up, and of course the actual signs – graduation signs and banners on front lawns and at the entrances to subdivisions everywhere!

You are likely stocking up on food and beverages for gatherings that will include Mother’s Day (which is this SundayMay 12, by the way), graduation parties, end-of-the-school-year parties, and Memorial Day. And you’re probably also stocking up on pool noodles, new sunglasses, and an awesome swimsuit.

But don’t forget the most important preparations of all: proper care of your skin!

Ladies and gentlemen alike look better and feel more confident when folks notice their swimsuits and not the extra “fringe” (ahem) along the bikini lines or furry backs above the swim trunks, or the neon-red glow of skin that has spent too much unprotected time in the sun.

Summer-Ready Skincare Treatment, featuring Bikini Wax and Sunscreen

That’s why, in between your visits to the grocery store, the beverage store, and the dollar store, you must remember to visit your favorite skin-care specialist at your favorite med spa: Arlene at Head To Toe!

Yes, Arlene is one of those who has been tooling around town, “topless” in her convertible, and enjoying some time poolside in her favorite swimming outfit (we’ll never tell what that is!), but she also makes sure that she’s properly waxed and wearing medical grade sunscreen, to keep her skin smooth and ready for summer.

Arlene wants to make sure you are protected from stray “fringe” and skin-damaging rays, as well, which is why she is offering her Summer-Ready Skincare Treatment, featuring Bikini Wax and Sunscreen for just $55 (regularly $85), now through May 31.

Call or click here or call today for your appointment: 404-218-0518

See you at the spa, Dah-ling!

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