Value, Experience, Sincerity, and Knowledge are AGELESS Skills

Value, Experience, Sincerity, and Knowledge are AGELESS Skills

Everybody has a face, and every face needs professional care from time to time to look and feel its radiant best.

How do you go about choosing a skincare professional to help you achieve your health and beauty goals? It’s important to review your esthetician’s knowledge and experience before entrusting your skin to their care. And be sure that your esthetician’s credentials are backed up by the appropriate education and certifications, and that they are compliant with health requirements.

Knowledge and Experience

At Head To Toe by Arlene, knowledge and experience are the cornerstones of her reputation in this ever-evolving industry. After more than thirty years as an esthetician, Arlene has maintained her education, adding cutting-edge technology and products only when she is certain they meet her rigorous standards of safety, quality, and effectiveness. She attends conferences and seminars every year that ensure she is offering services that offer the best results for every client.

Arlene also takes the time to educate each client about how their health and habits affect their skin, and what changes they can make in their routine – in between professional skin care appointments – to help them meet and maintain their skincare goals. “Education is so important,” she says. “I can give someone the best facial, but if they don’t understand what products they need, and how to use them properly when they’re at home, they aren’t going to maintain their results.”


Services that cost the most are not necessarily the best, and those that are the least expensive aren’t always the worst. The real value of skincare is service and products that work best for your specific skin type and condition, and that provide the results you seek. The education Arlene provides each client is specific to their skin; she will never offer a product or service simply because it’s trendy.

“I approach every client’s skincare with that person in mind. And I never push someone to have a procedure or use a product if they aren’t comfortable with the price. I’ll offer alternatives if necessary, with the understanding that they won’t necessarily see the same results.”


Arlene sincerely cares about each client as an individual. “When someone is on my table, we talk about their lives, not just their skin. I truly care about every single client who entrusts their skin to my care,” she says.

Experience. Knowledge. Value. Sincerity. These are the qualities you must expect from your esthetician. And you will find them all at Head To Toe by Arlene.

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